Shampoo 39

Your hair wash is one of the most essential step in your hair beauty routine, follow Mathieu's technique to experience the ultimate wash at home.

1. Brush your hair before wash to remove pollution and any knots.

2. Saturate your hair with water, it takes an average of 45 seconds for hair to be saturated.

3. Pump a golf/tennis ball sized into palm, and smooth delicately through hair from root to tips. Don't press hard when applying the foam.

4. Rinse thoroughly and repeat. The rinse is an important step, rinse like a final rinse at every step.


Conditioner 15

Nourishing your cuticule after every hair wash maintains hair moisture and beautifies its apparence.

1. After Shampoo 39, squeeze hair to remove excess water. This step avoids dilution and increase the efficiency of Conditioner 15.

2. Apply evenly from lengths to ends, avoid roots. Your roots are nourished by the natural oil produced by the scalp.

3. Detangle gently, starting from the tips moving toward the roots.

4. Rinse well, running your fingers through the hair.


Styling Moisturiser 7

This magic water mist is an hybrid formula that keeps your hair protected from heat and in style for longer.

1. Spray 5 pumps on clean, towel-dried hair from root to tips.

2. Spread evenly with a comb/brush or your fingers.

3. Do not rinse.

4. Style or let dry naturally.


Cocoon Hair Towel

Wet hair is up to 42% weaker, our super soft bamboo towel prevents from hair breakage and reduce drying time.

1. Detangle the hair.

2. Wrap your entire hair in the towel.

3. Twist the hair towel gently.

4. Secure the loop on the button.


Scalp Brush by S.heart.S

The scalp brush by s-heart-s is the perfect addition to our range. Gentler for your hair, it stimulates hair growth and vitality.

The scalp brush detangles with the same efficiency on dry or wet. It can be used in the shower to spread evenly our Shampoo 39 and Conditioner 15.

Do not blow dry with the scalp brush, any heat will damage the bristle.

Keep the box to travel and maintain the bristle in perfect condition.