Made in France ?

Clabaux Hair products are developed and made in France.

Natural Haircare ?

Clabaux Hair formulas are up to 97% natural.

Vegan ?

Clabaux Hair formulas are vegan

Silicon, Sulfate, Paraben Free ?

Clabaux Hair is Silicone, Sulfate and Paraben Free.

Non Testing on Animals ?

Clabaux Hair is a cruelty-free brand, we do not test on animals.

Environmentally Friendly ?

Clabaux Hair use recyclable packagings.

Letter Box Delivery ?

Our delivery boxes fit most UK letter box.

1 Product box size: W 10 / L 22 / H 4 (cm)

2 Products box size: W 16 / L 22 / H 4 (cm)

General Enquiries:

Please contact us at Hello@ClabauxHair.com