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Scalp Hair Brush by S.Heart.S

Scalp Hair Brush by S.Heart.S

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The Scalp Brush is a revolutionary S.Heart.S bestseller specifically designed to clean and massage your scalp. It offers a unique result every step of the way.

The brush consists of 376 large and small sized pin tips. Suitable for any type of hair for daily care: shampooing and other hair care products, scalp massage. It offers the best detangling experience making it perfect for children and people with sensitive scalps. Thanks to its massaging beads at the end of the fibres, it eliminates buildup, such as residues and flakes, that naturally accumulate on the scalp and at the base of the hair fibre.

• An excellent detangler on dry hair and wet hair.
• Improves microcirculation by promoting hair growth and improving their quality.
• Prevents hair breakage.
• Promotes perfect scalp cleaning.
• Improves the effectiveness of any hair care products (shampoos, leave-in conditioner, hair masks) by ideally distributing the product on the hair.
• Made in Japan

• Do not use with the hairdryer or any heat.

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