Meet Mathieu

Incredible Hair Story

CLABAUX Hair is the natural outcome of an exceptional story between a private hairstylist and his elite clientele. With more than two decades in the industry, Mathieu Clabaux is a go-to expert for the best tressed, from London to Paris to Los Angeles.

Shunning fleeting fashion trends, Mathieu has remained true to his taste for beautiful, healthy hair, bridging the gap between style and hair health.

A restless innovator at heart with a unique savoir-faire expressed in the most intimate setting – people’s homes, sparked his vision for a range that caters to the essential needs, promoting healthier hair in a transformed hair care routine.

Overflowing with 'French beauty-Science,' our innovative formulations, enriched with carefully selected natural-actives, bridge the paradox between presence and lightness. 

Sensory both to touch and fragrance, our formulas provide an unparalleled indulging experience, making hair stronger, fuller, more beautiful… at home.