How to Stop My Hair From Breaking?

How to Stop My Hair From Breaking?

If you want to get your dull and lacklustre hair to shiny and healthy you've come to the right place! We're going to provide you with our top tips on how to reduce and prevent your hair from breaking and how you can get the healthiest hair possible. 

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What Causes Hair Breakage?

The main cause of damaged and broken hair is, in most circumstances, down to how you style your hair. If you tend to frantically brush your hair, dragging out knots, this will cause more split ends. Sleeping on wet hair can create friction between the hair and the pillow material resulting in breakage. Putting your hair into styles that use tight hairbands can create tension, resulting in breakage but the main culprit, If you regularly style your hair with heated styling tools, is the heat which can cause serious damage.

Our Top Tips for Preventing Breakage.

Use a good detangling hairbrush - this ensures you don't break any knotted hair which will reduce breakage. Regular hair brushing is important as it stimulates the hair follicles on the scalp promoting hair growth, we highly recommend the S.Heart.S Scalp hairbrush as it massages the scalp and prevents hair breakage.

Keep your hair nourished and moisturised - Using great natural haircare products like a sulphate free shampoo  and a styling moisturiser enriched with nourishing, natural active ingredients will offer super clean hair and boost your hairs vitality, shine and over all health.

Using the right shampoo - This is a vital step in your haircare journey. Ensure your using a natural shampoo with no parabens, sulphates or silicone and isn't high in alcohol. We highly recommend the Air-Mist Spray Natural Shampoo which is made from supercharged natural active ingredients, this natural shampoo is engineered to super-clean the hair and scalp, boost hydration, shine and vitality. This natural shampoo makes the hair feel and look incredible. 

Avoid using heat styling tools - We recommend taking a break from blow-drying, straightening and curling your hair. We suggest giving heat free alternatives a try, we suggest silk hair curling rods or hair rollers. If you are going to use heated styling tools we urge you to use a really good heat protectant spray like the Styling Moisturiser from Clabaux Hair.

Let your hair dry naturally - Air drying allows your hair to retain moisture whereas blow drying depletes your hair from moisture which makes it dehydrated and prone to damage. 

Use a nourishing hair mask - On wash day give your hair some extra care by indulging in a leave-in moisturising hair mask to give your hair that hydrating boost it's after. 

Trim regularly - We encourage getting a trim every six weeks to keep your hair at maximum health. 

How Do You Fix Hair Breakage?

Unfortunately there isn't really a way to fix hair that is already broken, there are lots of ways to improve the breakage by using leave-in masks, oils and moisturising products. The best thing we recommend to do is get regular hair cuts every 6 weeks.

We all experience some level of hair breakage and shedding, no matter how careful we are in our styling practices. The most important thing to take away from this is how important it is to maintain your hair on a day-to-day basis and to correct any bad haircare habits you may have. 

If you're interested in the ingredients in the natural products mentioned above head over to our ingredients page to learn more.

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