Expert hair stylist Mathieu Clabaux’s top 5 haircare tips for the best hair.

Expert hair stylist Mathieu Clabaux’s top 5 haircare tips for the best hair.

With two decades in the industry, Mathieu Clabaux is the go-to hair expert with an abundance of experience. Mathieu’s unique insight into the demanding lifestyles of his elite clientele sparked his vision for Clabaux Hair. Designed in France, the vegan haircare range combines Mathieu’s hair-attitude and future-forward technology to make incredible hair at home. Discover Mathieu's top 5 haircare tips for super healthy hair.

Mathieu's top 5 haircare tips are: 

1.  Brush hair twice a day
Brushing your hair twice a day using a detangling brush can really improve the health of your hair and scalp. The sebaceous glands which are located in your hair follicles produce natural oils that help naturally lubricate your scalp, when brushing your hair it helps to distribute these oils from root to tip, giving your hair its natural shine. Brushing your hair also stimulates the scalp which encourages blood flow and hair growth. Brushing your hair helps to remove any loose hair as it's common to loose between 50-100 strands a day.

Detangling Brush

2. Brush wet hair 
When it comes to brushing wet hair, the type of brush and your technique are key to keeping your hair healthy. For those with curly hair we highly recommend only brushing your hair when its wet as it can easily get damaged brushing it dry. Brush wet hair lightly from the tips up using a good detangling brush. For the best detangling brush we suggest the S.Heart.S scalp hair brush.

Woman using a detangling brush

3. Rinse hair properly
Scalp build up happens when you haven't rinsed your products from your hair properly which can then cause your hair to appear dull, lack lustre and heavy. We recommend using a natural shampoo and conditioner to reduce any build up, as many shampoos contain toxic chemicals including parabens, sulphates and silicone which contributes more to build up in the hair. Always rinse your hair like it's the final rinse after washing your hair ensuring all the product is gone.

Natural shampoo

4. Removing Excess Water 
Once you've washed your hair it's imperative to get rid of as much water in the hair as possible, this helps reduce your drying time. Bare in mind when your hair is wet it's in it's most vulnerable state and can easily be damaged, stretched, broken so ensure you don't pull whilst squeezing. We recommend squeezing your hair 2-3 times after washing. 

Woman with freshly washed hair after using Natural Shampoo

5. Heat protectant 
Avoid using heat on your hair if you want the healthiest hair possible, if you can't we recommend using a heat protectant spray to protect your hair.

Natural shampoo
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