Born from the dream of a free-spirited and passionate hairdresser

Hairdressing is a vocation. A craft. A philosophy.


Mathieu Clabaux is a private hairstylist who has worked with clients for 20 years between Paris, London, and Los Angeles. His daily work, attentive to his clientele, has allowed him to acquire a universal knowledge of hair, its health, and its needs.


Over the years, Mathieu has been struck by the deterioration of hair quality, evidence of the assaults of modern life and inappropriate hair care routines. He has also observed that most clients have little understanding of their own hair.


His expertise sparked his vision for creating Clabaux Hair, a collection of products and accessories to help them discover, listen to, and take care of their hair. A streamlined range, where each product has a purpose and technicality. A minimalist range, with meticulously selected ingredients, natural formulas, lightweight textures, and refined scents. For a pleasant, sensory, emotional experience… at home.


“It’s because I’m a hairdresser that I can innovate” - Mathieu Clabaux